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When people are in need of technical support, they often search the internet for assistance or ask a family member or friend who is "tech savvy". This can cause you to go out of your way to ask someone else for help. The internet can provide low-quality answers, poor or no visual support content (like screenshots), and can often be hard to understand for some users. Even video tutorials can be too fast-paced, offer no captioning or voice-overs for explanation, or can be using outdated software as an example. Although asking someone else for help may seem to be the next best form of guidance and resolution, we are here to change this process for you entirely.

With that being said, it is completely free (really)! It's super fast, and surprisingly simple. It's like the tech equivalent of finding your favorite grocery store to shop, fill your prescriptions, and get a full tank of gas, all in the same trip! Oh - also make that a five minute trip with a 100% off coupon code at checkout. Niceee!


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The most advanced tech support you've ever experienced.

When a skilled team of tech experts are given the right set of tools and the ability to create a website, great things can happen. We have engineered a powerful yet efficient algorithm - a network of most known issues and their resolutions across most platforms - including feedback provided by our clients, to research and solve many technical issues. And the list of capabilities grows everyday.

Quick and simple questions are asked in a specific order, which is designed to most efficiently capture the technical issue you're faced with. Using our vast library of research and knowledge, the algorithm uses process of elimination on thousands of possible issues, to narrow down the root cause. Once the algorithm has enough confidence in the probable issue, it'll provide you with one of our fast and easy solutions to get you back up and running in minutes.