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We’re Changing The Expectations For Tech Support, Literally.

We started developing an algorithm five years ago; designed to accurately capture almost any technical issue with your device and provide you with a customized solution. By asking a few simple questions, the algorithm has the ability to troubleshoot in just minutes. As the carefully considered questions are answered by the user, the algorithm will intelligently eliminate all outliers and determine the underlying issue. And it's all backed by the genuine research by our team of experts. Every time you use our algorithm, it gains more knowledge of the issues it attempts to resolve. If it can't help you, then we will, and fast. We typically respond within ten minutes during business hours.


New site, new look.

With the new design of our website comes a new look and feel. Animations are being set throughout, including page transitions, and content is being more skillfully placed and sized to make for a better and more sophisticated user experience. If you have any questions, concerns, or compliments, please contact us. We will take your feedback into careful consideration.

We recognize mobile device browsing is important to having your devices troubleshooted, it is not recommended at this time for a complete KNAtech experience. Although we are still delivering on a mobile experience that satisfies just as much as desktop, we will keep you updated when this browsing method has sufficiently advanced.

In The News at KNAtech.


Microsoft to Release Windows 11 On June 24th.

If you're like us and waiting patiently for the next edition of Windows, you'll be interested in Microsoft's Event scheduled for Thursday, June 24th, 2021 at 11:00 AM (ET). We expect to learn about the all-new Windows 11, and additionally some of Microsoft's new hardware that we may see this edition of Windows pre-installed on.

This link will download a calendar event (.ical)  file in a new tab.


iOS 15 is on the way, and it looks gorgeous!

We have estimated the release date of iOS 15 to fall on either September 15th or 16th. If you are on the edge of your seat, we have an easy walkthrough to get the iOS 15 Beta on your device. Keep in mind, this Beta is only recommended to be installed on a secondary device. It has bugs that are still being fixed, and can impact things like performance, battery life, and basic functions, like messaging, navigating and using the camera.